Athearn Genesis Ho Scale SD70ACe Illinois Terminal #1072 DCC Ready

Athearn Genesis Ho Scale SD70ACe Illinois Terminal #1072 DCC Ready


ATHG69263 Cab #1072

For US Customers: If you wish to be billed in USD, the price is 178.48 USD. Please contact me and i will send a invoice in US currency

NS (Heritage) FEATURES:

  • Swapable alternate roof with leader PTC antenna array. Also available separately (ATHG68899)
  • High mounted headlight
  • Isolated cab
  • Front and rear illuminated ditch lights
  • Late handrails


    New for the SD70ACe and SD70M-2, LED lighting

    Correctly-sized operating ditch lights


    Front and rear trainline air hose with silver tips

    Multiple unit (MU) hoses with silver tips

    Coupler cut bars

    Train line air hoses

    Flat or tapered front and rear anticlimbers

    Safety tread on the walkways

    Nose or cab mounted headlight

    Standard or isolated cab

    Windshield wipers

    Tinted side windows


    Detailed and painted cab interior with control stand, display screens, detailed crew seats and optional grade crossing camera

    Airchime K5LLA horn with square or "tube" style mounting bracket

    Large antenna dome

    Small GPS antenna dome

    Inverter box with original X-panels, X-panels with retrofitted louvers, factory louvers, late EMD large intake or retrofit large intake

    See-through radiator fans

    Etched dynamic brake grille and screen with appropriate grid detail underneath

    Dynamic brake louver variations per prototype

    Chicago Blower brand air blower visible behind the see-through grilles at the rear of the locomotive

    Early or late hand brake housing and wheel

    Early or Late Sander Brackets

    Factory installed wire grab irons

    Jacking pads per prototype

    Plumbing alongside the frame appropriate to the specific railroad and purchase order

    Fuel tanks with single or dual fuel fillers

    HTCR or HTSC trucks per prototype

    McHenry scale knuckle spring couplers

    Minimum radius: 18"

    Recommended radius: 22"

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