Athearn Genesis Ho Scale SD70I CN DCC Ready

Athearn Genesis Ho Scale SD70I CN DCC Ready


ATHG69234 Cab #5615

ATHG69233 Cab #5614

ATHG69232 Cab #5602

ATHG69231 Cab #5600

Representing the only SD70Is built, Canadian National ordered 26 of these locomotives in 1996. They were all delivered painted in the single stripe scheme, featuring bold orange ends and a large "CN" adorning the side of the hood. Typical of many Canadian locomotives, they have several distinctive spotting features, such as early-style Pyle headlights mounted in the nose, ribbed front and rear anticlimbers, and the CN specified fuel tank with auxiliary waste oil retention tank. Now approaching their 20th birthday, these engines are still mainline power on the CN, and can often be found working in multiple with most other types of power, including GE Dash 8 & 9s, and EMD SD40, SD60 and SD70 series.

  • All road numbers

    • SD70I body

    • Freight type brakewheel

    • K-3 horn

    • Isolated cab with early Pyle nose mounted headlight

    • Angled cab door without window

    • Large & small Sinclair type antennas

    • Waste oil retention tank

    • Underbody plumbing

    • Tab mounted AEI tags

    • Spare knuckles on rear pilot

    • CN style medium plow

    • Ribbed front & rear anticlimbers

    • Salem air filters

    • Large emergency fuel cutoff button

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