Atlas Ho Scale 73' Centerbeam Partition Car TTX *Pre-order*

Atlas Ho Scale 73' Centerbeam Partition Car TTX *Pre-order*


Atlas 20001784 Car #856772

Atlas 20001785 Car #856793

Atlas 20001786 Car #856910

*Pre-Order*  All prices guaranteed. *Price is 45.99CDN + Tax + Shipping.  No Deposit Necessary. A invoice with shipping total will be mailed within 48 hours of order being made 

*For U.S. Customers, If you prefer to be billed in USD, the price is 33.99USD. Please contact me and i will send you a invoice in USD*


  • Riserless Floor Design
  • Detailed stirrups
  • Simulated tie-loops
  • Ratchets
  • Partition cable hooks
  • 22 wire grabs
  • Etched cross-over walks
  • Wire Brake Rods
  • Detailed Jack Pads
  • Newly Tooled 286k trucks
  • Detailed Pull Plates
  • See-Through Top Chord Holes
  • Simulated cable slots
  • Detailed lift plates
  • Prototypical lettering and markings
  • Recommended 22" radius

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