ESU Loksound Select Direct Fit Dual Mode Decoder

ESU Loksound Select Direct Fit Dual Mode Decoder

    Having trouble with “Factory Installed DCC”? You now have a choice! The LokSound Select Direct was designed to fit the light board mounts of many major manufacturers including Athearn Genesis, Atlas, Bowser-Stewart, and Intermountain.

    With its unique design, the LokSound Select Direct can easily replace boards that provide poor motor control, low volume, or generally inferior sound. Not only will the decoder work fine with most factory installed speakers, but it will sound even better with Loksound 4 Ohm speakers. You pay a lot of money for your favorite trains! Give them a chance to run and sound as good as they look!

    Unlike all other manufacturers, LokSound Select offers you two options to customize your engine. The most simple is by using one (!) CV. You can select the prime mover sound, the desired whistle or horn and the bell. Each LokSound Select offers various options on that (see table below).

    However, if you are still unsatisfied with the result, you may at any time use the famous LokSound Programmer to download new sounds into the LokSound Select. We offer numerous “ready-made” sound packages for easy downloading.

Please contact me when your place order by filling out contact form or by phone with prime mover you would like the decoder programmed with.

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