Walthers Cornerstone HO Scale Ethanol Processing Center

Walthers Cornerstone HO Scale Ethanol Processing Center

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Ethanol is big business--especially for railroads. Long trains of identical tank cars and huge strings of covered hoppers moving grain and ethanol byproducts have become an important part of the railroad landscape. Since the late 1980s and early 1990s, ethanol has more than DOUBLED the traffic hauled by some railroads!
Ethanol traffic touches almost every corner of the North American rail network--from the vast cornfields and wheat fields of the midwest to busy petroleum terminals in large cities. It should touch your post-1980s model railroad too!

  •  5 Tanks 
  •  3 Distillation Towers 
  •  Outside Stairway 
  •  Roof Vents 
The processing center is the heart of any ethanol plant. Within its corrugated-metal walls, corn is milled, cooked and broken down into its basic components, ready for transformation into ethanol. After fermentation, the mixture returns to the building where it's filtered and condensed into essentially pure ethanol, ready to be piped into storage tanks.
On your layout, the Processing Center is a necessary addition at the center of your North American Ethanol complex. The kit includes the main structure with rooftop vents, piping, distillation towers, and appropriate tanks. While based on an ethanol processing facility, this kit also looks at home as part of a modern food or chemical processing plant.

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