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Ho Scale Rapido Connecticut Transit GMC Bus Deluxe Edition

Ho Scale Rapido Connecticut Transit GMC Bus Deluxe Edition


751013 Bus # 1618

751014 Bus # 1619

751015 Bus # 1632

*Pre-Order deadline is May 8th, 2017. All prices guaranteed. *Price is $63.99 + Tax. $10 Dollar Deposit Required. Deposit is refundable within 30 days of deposit being made. Shipping is not included in the pre-order price*

Deluxe Features Standard Edtion Detail plus:

  • Interior lighting
  • Working headlights and tail lights
  • Illuminated front destination sign
  • Painted seatback handrails
  • Two-tone seats (where appropriate)
A 12V DC power supply is required to power the lighting (not included)

  • Correct tubular profile
  • Full interior including separate seats with seatback handrails and grooved flooring
  • Etched-metal interior stanchions and stamped-metal handrail
  • Steerable front wheels
  • Rubber tires
  • Printed “metal” window frames
  • Printed windshield gaskets (silver or black, as appropriate)
  • Double-stream rear exit doors (first time ever in a mass-produced New Look model!)
  • Three kinds of bumper (steel, water jug and REAL rubber)
  • Standee windows or sheet metal panel as appropriate
  • Optional air conditioning housing with etched-metal fan cover
  • Optional etched-metal advertisement frames
  • Optional rear window air intakes and high level exhaust
  • Optional roof hatches, Sinclair antenna, microwave antenna, and cellular/wifi antenna
  • Multiple route/destination decals
  • Some liveries include licence plate decals
C$63.99 C$54.99