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Rapido HO Scale Procor 20K "GP20" PROX As delivered Split P Single Car *Reservation*

Rapido HO Scale Procor 20K "GP20" PROX As delivered Split P Single Car *Reservation*

SKU #'s

135003A Set #1 Car #'s :47678, 47680, 47683, 47692, 47705, 47718

135004A Set #2 Car #'s : 47720, 47725, 47730, 47733, 47735, 47737 

*This listing is for a single car. Car number will be picked randomly from available numbers in the set picked. If multiple cars are ordered, we will not ship the same car number twice unless requested*

*Pre-Order Deadline is TBA. Orders made after which are subjected to availability. Price is $51.99 CDN + Tax + Shipping.  No Initial Deposit Necessary. A deposit of $10 will be required upon pre-order deadline.  Shipping is not free. Shipping rate will be determined upon products arrival. If no deposit is made the order will be cancelled. If you are a US customer and which to be billed in US funds, please contact me and i can send you invoice in US funds. *

Rapido's rendition of the 20,000 gal General Purpose Tank Car features:
  • Drawn from original blueprints and drawings
  • Artworks sourced from original design drawings and photos
  • Photo-etched metal walkways
  • Detailed vent stacks, loading hatches, air tanks and braking equipment.
  • Kadee #158 whisker couplers installed from the factory
  • Early car style features 70-ton trucks with 33 inch wheels and an exposed drain valve.
  • Late car style features 100-ton trucks with 36 inch wheels and a reinforced drain valve housing.

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