(2nd Run) Ho Scale C39-8 Norfolk Southern DCC & Sound W/ Ditchlights *Pre-order* (2nd Run) Ho Scale C39-8 Norfolk Southern DCC & Sound W/ Ditchlights *Pre-order*


SXT31212 Cab# 8570   

SXT31214 Cab# 8585   

SXT31216 Cab# 8592

SXT31218 Cab# 8608    

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Series: NS 8564-8613
Era: 1990s-2000s

#8570 and #8592
  • Nose logo has vertical cutouts in striping above
  • White retrofitted nose vertical grab irons
  • White retrofitted nose vertical grab irons
  • Yellow retrofitted nose vertical grab irons

  • Operating deck-mount ditch lights, front and rear; lights alternate when horn is blown, per prototype
  • Phase II carbody with brakewheel large single panel radiator grilles
  •  “NS Style” NS logos and lettering (repaints)
  • Blanked nose headlight mount
  • Blanked front and rear class lights
  • Large front anticlimber
  • 24 individually applied etched metal see-through radiator intake and exhaust grilles on sides and top of radiator compartment
  • GSC trucks with rotating axle bearing caps and separately applied details including brake cylinders, air piping, and handbrake chain

All Norfolk Southern road numbers also include

Front and rear drop steps
Motorola ASP-16 “Firecracker” cab roof antennas (Comm. and EOT)
Nathan P135R24 horn mounted on engine compartment roof
Exhaust silencer with extension
Etched metal see-through high-capacity (3-vent) dynamic brake intake grilles with blower motors visible inside

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