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Scaletrains Rivet Counter Ho Scale Norfolk Southern (As Delivered) C44-9W DCC & Sound *Reservation*

Scaletrains Rivet Counter Ho Scale Norfolk Southern (As Delivered) C44-9W DCC & Sound *Reservation*

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SXT32371 Cab #9550

SXT32373 Cab #9580

SXT32375 Cab #9597

SXT32377 Cab #9613

SXT32379 Cab #9641

SXT32381 Cab #9672

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Norfolk Southern/As Built
  • Era: 2000 to 2013, NS series 9535-9559, built 2000
  • Road number 9550
  • Era: 2001 to 2013, series 9560-9744, built 2001-2002
  • Road numbers 9580, 9597, 9613, 9641 and 9672
  • Front high (cab) mounted headlight
  • Operating front and rear deck mounted ­­alternating LED ditch lights
  • Operating LED front, rear, and side walkway lights
  • Tall snowplow with open doors and grab irons
  • 5-step stepwells with see through steps
  • Walkway with front and rear anticlimber
  • Wide profile end handrails
  • Nose door without window
  • Two-piece nose top grab irons
  • Standard battery box doors
  • GE safety cab with three (3) side windows
  • Cab interior with standard control stand for engineer and desktop for conductor
  • In cab grade crossing camera
  • Dual large Sinclair “ice skate” communication antenna and small Sinclair “ice skate” End of Train (EOT) telemetry antenna
  • Dayton Phoenix (DPG) Model 280260 HVAC Unit
  • Late angled engine cab profile
  • Late dynamic brake exhaust
  • Late electrical cabinet with step on rear
  • Lost-wax brass Nathan AirChime K5HAR2 horn mounted on engine cab
  • Late non-flanged exhaust stack housing
  • Late radiator door grilles in alternating heights
  • Low-mounted rear sandfiller
  • Electric handbrake without brake wheel and with electric brake actuator on right front truck sideframe
  • Late lifting lugs on ends of radiator wings
  • Separate air tanks with lower mounting brackets, connector pipe and connector pipe cover
  • Wabtec Graham White 994-500 Series Air Dryer
  • Fuel tank mounted electronic bell
  • Single fuel fills per side
  • 5,000-galon fuel tank with angled weld seam and clean out on left side
  • Round and vertical analog fuel gauges along with digital fuel gauge
  • Late Hi-Ad trucks with cantilever struts on right front and left rear sideframes
  • Spare coupler knuckle holders on rear pilot face
  • Paint color matches Tru-Color Paint color: TCP-010 Black

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