Scaletrains Rivet Counter Ho Scale ES44 Norfolk Southern DCC & Sound

Scaletrains Rivet Counter Ho Scale ES44 Norfolk Southern DCC & Sound

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SXT33093 Cab# 8117

SXT33095 Cab# 8122

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  • Era: 2016 to Present

  • Series: 8091 to 8140, built 1-3/12

  • Road numbers: 8117 and 8122

  • Horsehead paint scheme

  • Designated ES44AC

  • Front high (cab) mounted headlight

  • Cab roof JEM Communications PTC antenna farm with single large Sinclair antenna

  • Fully assembled

  • Multiple road numbers

  • Operating LED front and rear deck-mounted alternating ditch lights**

  • Operating LED front, rear, and rectangle side walkway lights*

  • Operating LED ground lights on both sides of locomotive*

  • Printed and LED lighted number boards*

  • Sill-mounted brake stick holder

  • Single trainline hose with silver gladhand

  • Front and rear raised pilot-mounted Multiple Unit (MU) receptacles

  • Front dummy Multiple Unit (MU) receptacles mounted to pilot face

  • Front and rear single ECP brake equipment box and cable mounted on pilot face

  • Pilot-mounted battery charging receptacles

  • See-through round-hole stepwell steps

  • Walkway with front anticlimber and no support brackets

  • GE “nub” tread plate on walkways

  • Late handrails with U-bolt caps and narrow rear most stanchion on long side rails

  • Front straight grab irons mounted directly to the nose

  • Front right side mounted narrow nose drop grab iron

  • Right nose door without window

  • Wide profile end handrails

  • Front high-mounted (cab) numberboard housings

  • Left side under cab front access bolted X panel; rear door with square

  • Late cab with barrel bolt latches on subbase doors

  • Detailed cab interior with separate floor, rear wall, seats, control stand, and grade crossing camera

  • Dual cab side blue flag holder

  • LSL (Locomotive Speed Limiter) indicator lights on cab sides (Non-operating)

  • Tinted cab side windows

  • Tall mirror mounted in front of sliding cab side windows on both sides; additional small mirror on right side

  • Sand box clean out door with knuckle buster latch and hinge

  • Small hinged inverter cabinet door

  • Etched metal see-through dynamic brake intake grilles with blower motors visible inside

  • Left side dynamic brake cab: tri blower dynamic brake with flush exhaust

  • Right side dynamic brake cab: door with grille, small grille, door with grille, and door with grille

  • See-through dynamic brake exhaust

  • Short right side air intake grille

  • Left side auxiliary cab: 3 tall doors with latches on the #2 door and long auxiliary cab filter box door

  • Right side auxiliary cab: 4 doors with latches on #1 and #4 doors

  • Lost wax brass cast Nathan AirChime K5HLR2 horn mounted on engine cab roof

  • ES44 style engine cab doors: latched first door in each set of three

  • Left side exhaust cab doors: latched last door in set of three

  • Flush heat exchanger housing with two piece wide slot grille

  • 22 individually applied etched metal see-through radiator intake and exhaust grilles on sides and top of radiator compartment

  • Raised radiator grille

  • Left side radiator cab grille arrangement: Raised doors. Grilles – Tall-Short-Tall-Short-Tall, no grille under brake wheel short front angled grille and two-piece rear angled grille

  • Right side radiator cab grille arrangement: Raised doors. Grilles – tall, short, tall, tall, short, tall, short, tall, short front angled grill, two-piece rear angled grille

  • Flat water fill box with sight glass

  • High mounted horizontal rear headlight

  • Rear anticlimber without support brackets

  • Rear wide-spaced dual dummy Multiple Unit (MU) receptacles

  • Accurately profiled frame with separately applied plumbing and cabling

  • AEI tag mounted on bracket below the right sidesill

  • Toilet drain with interior handle

  • Dual Graham-White (Prime) finned 075 air filters

  • Graham-White 994-500 air dryer

  • GE Hi-Ad trucks with caped electric parking brake mounting brackets on right front and left rear side frames and separately applied brake cylinders, air plumbing, and rotating bearing caps

  • Triangular handbrake chain bracket

  • 5,300-gallon fuel tank with internal waste retention tank, digital fuel gauge, vertical fuel gauge, and round fuel gauge

  • Dual fuel fills per side with rear fill “blanked”

  • Angled top left side fuel tank top box

  • Short crankcase drainpipe

  • Semi-scale coupler buffers equipped with die-cast metal semi-scale standard Type E knuckle couplers

  • Factory-applied wire grab irons, snowplow with grab irons, spare knuckles, 3-hose Multiple Unit (MU) clusters with silver gladhands, uncoupling levers, windshield wipers, mirrors, sunshades, air tanks, fuel tank mounted electronic bell, brake wheel, and more

  • Motor with 5-pole skew-wound armature

  • Balanced dual flywheels

  • All-wheel drive

  • All-wheel electrical pick-up

  • Directional LED headlights

  • Printing and lettering legible under magnification

  • Color matched to TruColor Paint color TCP-010 Black

  • Operates on Code 70, 83, and 100 rail

  • Packaging safely stores model

  • Minimum Radius: 18”

  • Recommended Radius: 22”


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