Scaletrains Rivet Counter Ho Scale ET44AC GE Demonstrator/Wabtec #2069 DCC & Sound

Scaletrains Rivet Counter Ho Scale ET44AC GE Demonstrator/Wabtec #2069 DCC & Sound

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SXT32643 Cab #2069

  • Based on artist renderings featured in Wabtec promotional materials
  • Era: based on GECX series 2025-2044, built 2014
  • Early pre-production engine cab (long hood) roofline 
  • Lost wax brass cast Nathan Airchime K3HL horn on engine cab roof and recessed dual-chime horns on right rear of radiator “wings”
  • Horn in direction of travel is played when DCC & sound equipped locomotives are operated using DCC
  • Operating LED front, rear, and side walkway lights*
  • Operating front deck-mounted LED ditch lights**
  • Prototype Wabtec ET44 does not have ground lights
  • See-through round-hole stepwell steps
  • Walkway with front anticlimber
  • Right side AEI tag mounted to sidesill 
  • Narrow profile end handrails
  • Front nose headlight
  • Nose door with window
  • Cab without barrel bolt latches on subbase doors
  • No grade crossing camera
  • Cab roof large square antenna dome, dual short STI-CO PTC antenna with domes and small button dome antenna
  • Sand box clean out door with knuckle buster latch
  • Left side dynamic brake cab: X panel front and dual blower dynamic brake with flush exhaust
  • Right side dynamic brake cab: X panel door, small grille, door with grille, and door with grille
  • Early production radiator grilles with tall grille on 3rd from front radiator door
  • GE Hi-Ad trucks with separately applied brake cylinders, air plumbing, and rotating bearing caps 
  • 5,300 gallon fuel tank with external waste retention tank
  • Dual fuel fills per side

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