Scaletrains Rivet Counter Ho Scale SD40-2 Conrail DCC Ready

Scaletrains Rivet Counter Ho Scale SD40-2 Conrail DCC Ready


SXT30959 Cab# 6416

SXT30961 Cab# 6437 

SXT30963 Cab# 6458

SXT30965 Cab# 6482 

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Locomotive is equipped with DCC ready with 21-pin connector

  • Conrail 6416 and 6437
    • Phase IIb units built in 1977
    • Era represented by paint and detail configuration: Late 1980s – Early 1990s
      • Retrofitted flange lube cabinet
      • EOT telemetry antenna
    • Front EMD low plow with 3rd rail notches
    • Spare knuckles on rear pilot face
    • Tall jacking pads without holes (early)
  • Conrail 6458 and 6482
    • Phase IIc3 units built in 1978
    • Era represented by paint and detail configuration: as-delivered
    • Front and rear EMD low plows
    • Short jacking pads (late)
  • All-new gearbox with new Flexicoil-C truck sideframes
  • Operating front and rear red marker lights
  • Low-profile fan housings
  • Late sub-base doors with lift-off hinges, and bolted battery doors with wide louvers, and Conrail horizontal-split doors on right side
  • Front anticlimber
  • 88” low short hood with wheel handbrake
  • Cab with riveted side window panels
  • Leslie RS3-LR Horn
  • Small Sinclair Excalibur Antenna (communications)
  • Early electrical cabinet “zig-zag” seam
  • Welded ECAFB (late)
  • Early inertial intake grills
  • Standard-range dynamic brake without batten strip
  • Corrugated radiator intake grills
  • See through standard 48” radiator fan housings with fan blades visible inside
  • Rear drop step
  • Frame-mounted bell
  • Highly detailed 4,000 gallon fuel tank with fuel fillers and gauges
  • Flush-style EFCO
  • Forward engineer’s side sidesill notch
  • 3-hose MU hose clusters
  • Straight uncoupling levers with “loop” handles
  • Notched pilot faces with lifting slots
  • “Short” stepwells
  • Intermediate jacking pads
  • Detailed HT-C trucks with brake plumbing and traction motor and air duct
  • Early center axle snubbers
Rivet Counter SD40-2 Locomotive Features
    • All-new model
    • Fully assembled
    • Four (4) different road numbers
    • Dimensionally accurate truck centers
    • Underbody frame rail with separate plumbing and traction motor cables
    • Sectioned treadplate detail on the walkways
    • Accurate hood door and long hood detail
    • Accurately profiled dynamic brake housings 
    • See-through dynamic brake intakes with resistor grid detail
    • Factory-applied wire grab irons, wire lift rings, windshield wipers, snowplows, horns, coupler cut levers, and trainline hoses
    • Semi-scale coupler buffer equipped with durable metal semi-scale E Type knuckle couplers
    • Directional LED headlights
    • LED lighted number boards
    • All-wheel drive
    • All-wheel electrical pick-up
    • Dual flywheel
    • Motor with 5-pole skew wound armature.
    • Printing and lettering legible even under magnification
    • Color matched to Tru-Color Paint colors whenever possible
    • Operates on Code 70, 83 and 100 rail
    • Packaging safely stores model
    • Minimum radius: 18”
    • Recommended radius: 22

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