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Scaletrains Rivet Counter Ho Scale SD40-2 CSX/EX Chessie System DCC & Sound (2nd Run)

Scaletrains Rivet Counter Ho Scale SD40-2 CSX/EX Chessie System DCC & Sound (2nd Run)

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SXT31252 Cab# 8249

SXT31254 Cab# 8257

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  • CSX 8249
    • Ex-B&O 7607, built January 1977, serial number 767033-8
    • Era represented by configuration: 1987 to early 1990s
    • Correct 1980s Chessie and CSX stenciling
    • Chessie-yellow-painted uncoupling lever loops
    • CSX-replaced brake cylinders
    • Original third axle speed recorder location
    • Red-painted T-8601 test batteries with correct stenciling
  • CSXT 8257
    • Ex-B&O 7615, built February 1977, serial number 767033-16
    • Era represented by configuration: Early 1990s
    • Correct 1980s and 1990s Chessie and CSX stenciling and stickers, including never-done-before “100% Q” and “100% Q-SHOP” stickers – first time recreated in any scale
    • Relocated speed recorder to first axle
    • “Touch-up paint” on drop steps, MU stands, and uncoupling lever loops
  • Phase IIa2 units.  EMD Order 767033, built January/February 1977, B&O 7600-7619
  • Operating LED front and rear tricolor class lights
  • Units patched to CSX Transportation numbers in 1987
  • “Faded” builder’s plates and correctly-worded trust plates
  • Chessie front and rear “rock plows”
  • Chessie “mailslot” battery box doors
  • Side-mounted steel bell behind the dynamic brake on the engineer’s side
  • Front and rear “step-down” drop steps
  • Retrofitted EOT antenna mounted over original radio “whip” base
  • Relocated radio “whip” antenna to number board housing
  • “Tall” stepwells with see-through steps
  • 88” low short hood with wheel handbrake
  • Low short hood vent and extended “latch grab” on engineer’s side
  • Late cab sub-base doors with lift-off hinges
  • Cab with bolted side window panels, sunshades, and short sunshade tracks
  • Forward cab side vent on fireman’s side
  • Original Nathan AirChime K5LA Horn
  • Early electrical cabinet “zig-zag” seam
  • Welded ECAFB (late)
  • Intermediate inertial air intake grills with top drip rail
  • Standard-range dynamic brakes with batten strip
  • “Corrugated” radiator intake grilles
  • See-through standard 48” radiator fan housings with fan blades visible inside
  • Curved radiator fan grab iron
  • Straight uncoupling levers with loop handles
  • 3-hose MU hose clusters with silver gladhands
  • CSX-added spare knuckle brackets on rear pilot
  • Notched pilot faces
  • Tall jacking pads without holes (intermediate)
  • Forward engineer’s side sidesill notch
  • Flush-mount EFCO
  • Salem air filter (accordion style)
  • Highly detailed 4,000 gallon fuel tank with fuel fillers and gauges
  • Detailed HT-C trucks with Hyatt bearing caps, late center axle snubbers, sanding lines and brackets, and D-77 traction motor and air duct details

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      This item is out of stock