Scaletrains Rivet Counter Ho Scale SD40-2 Milwaukee Road (2nd Release) DCC & Sound *Pre-order*

Scaletrains Rivet Counter Ho Scale SD40-2 Milwaukee Road (2nd Release) DCC & Sound *Pre-order*


SXT30974 Cab# 17

SXT30976 Cab# 19

SXT30978 Cab# 27

SXT30980 Cab# 30

SXT30982 Cab# 156  *Bi-Centennial*

*Pre-Order Deadline is August 20, 2018. Orders made after which are subjected to availability. Price is $284.99 CDN + Tax + Shipping. Price is subject change due to fluctuation of the exchange rate based on the USD price of $224.99. No Initial Deposit Necessary. A deposit of $50 will be required at the order deadline. If no deposit is made the order will be cancelled. 

For US. Customers, This item is priced at 224.99USD.  If you prefered to billed in US Currency, please contact me and i will send you a invoice in US Funds.

Locomotive is equipped with Loksound's Select dual mode sound decoder

    • Milwaukee 17 and 19
      • Phase Ia1 units built in 1973
      • Era: Mid to Late 70's
    • Milwaukee 27 and 30
      • Phase Ia1 units built in 1973
      • Era: Mid  70's to Mid 80's

Rivet Counter SD40-2 Locomotive Features
    • All-new model
    • Fully assembled
    • Four (4) different road numbers
    • Dimensionally accurate truck centers
    • Underbody frame rail with separate plumbing and traction motor cables
    • Sectioned treadplate detail on the walkways
    • Accurate hood door and long hood detail
    • Accurately profiled dynamic brake housings 
    • See-through dynamic brake intakes with resistor grid detail
    • Factory-applied wire grab irons, wire lift rings, windshield wipers, snowplows, horns, coupler cut levers, and trainline hoses
    • Semi-scale coupler buffer equipped with durable metal semi-scale E Type knuckle couplers
    • Directional LED headlights
    • LED lighted number boards
    • All-wheel drive
    • All-wheel electrical pick-up
    • Dual flywheel
    • Motor with 5-pole skew wound armature.
    • Printing and lettering legible even under magnification
    • Color matched to Tru-Color Paint colors whenever possible
    • Operates on Code 70, 83 and 100 rail
    • Packaging safely stores model
    • Minimum radius: 18”
    • Recommended radius: 22

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