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Scaletrains Rivet Counter Ho Scale SD40-2 Southern (Dulux Lettering) DCC Ready

Scaletrains Rivet Counter Ho Scale SD40-2 Southern (Dulux Lettering) DCC Ready

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SXT31289 Cab# 3313

SXT31291 Cab# 3320

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Southern/High Hood/Dulux Lettering
• Era: As delivered, series 3313-3328, built 1979, Phase IId1
• Road numbers 3313K (AGS) and 3320X (CG)
• Dulux lettering
• Operating LED tricolor flush-mounted class lights with raised gasket
• 81” high short hood with wheel handbrake and toilet vent
• Headlight mounted in high short hood
• High long hood mounted steel bell
• Short and long hood top mounted walkway lights (non-operating)
• Front and rear Nathan P5A Horns with all chimes forward
• SOU/NS sun awning
• Front and rear tall pilot plow with high trainline hose cut out, MU hose doors and grab irons
• Rectangular walkway lights mounted between sandbox clean out doors (non-operating)
• Bolted battery box doors with wide louvers
• Late cab sub-base doors with lift-off hinges
• Front and rear late small deck extension
• Standard front and rear drop steps
• “Tall” stepwells with see-through steps
• Dash two cab with welded side window panels
• Tall mirrors mounted fore and aft of cab side windows, both sides of cab
• Forward cab side vent on left side
• Motorola ASP-16 “Firecracker” antenna mounted on top of short hood and second one on top rear of dynamic brake housing
• Early electrical cabinet “zig-zag” seam, further from rear of cab
• Welded ECAFB (late)
• Intermediate inertial air intake grills with top drip rail
• Extended-range dynamic brakes without batten strip
• Corrugated radiator intake grilles
• See-through standard 48” radiator fan housings with fan blades visible inside
• Drop grab radiator fan grab iron
• Straight uncoupling levers with loop handles front and rear; four inner and two outer mounting brackets
• Handrail set with inward facing end rail mounting brackets and chain
• 3-hose MU hose clusters with silver gladhands
• Deck mounted MU receptacle with battery charging receptacle
• Notched pilot faces without lifting holes or slots
• Short jacking pads (late)
• Forward engineer’s side sidesill notch
• Flush-mount EFCO
• Salem air filter (accordion style)
• 4,000-gallon fuel tank with fuel fillers and dual vertical gauges and vertical breather pipe
• Detailed HT-C trucks with Hyatt bearing caps, late center axle snubbers, sanding lines and brackets, and D-77 traction motor and air duct details
• Rearward facing handbrake chain mount for HTC trucks
• Speed recorder mounted to first axle left front
• Trucolor paint match color: TCP – 010 black

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      This item is out of stock