TCS WOWKIT Athearn Genesis SD60-SD70ACe

TCS WOWKIT Athearn Genesis SD60-SD70ACe


This Kit is for use in:

Athearn Genesis GE ES44AC, SD60 I or M, & SD70ACe.

TCS WOW Sound decoder with 9 Prime Movers in One Decoder! This 6-function, 9-Pin JST, Kit comes with: 1x  MB1 direct fit motherboard with keep alive built in, 1x TCS 21 pin WOW Diesel decoder, 1x 28mm WOW Speaker & 1x Wire harness for speaker . Included are all of the amazing features from the WOWDiesel including Audio Assist™, Realistic Braking, and Prototypical Operation.

The available sound set contains the 567 turbo, 567 Non-turbo, 645 turbo, 710 turbo prime movers, Alco 251, Alco 244 GE FDL16, and 2 versions of the 7FDL16

Featuring Load-Based Auto-Notching (Patent Pending), for automatic notch selection based on your set speed and load.

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