Walthers Proto SW1200 Ilinois Terminal DCC Ready *Pre-order*

Walthers Proto SW1200 Ilinois Terminal DCC Ready *Pre-order*


920-48434 Cab 1204
920-48435 Cab 1211

Discount of $15 CDN off regular price (199.99 CDN)  if ordered before deadline April 30st

*Pre-Order deadline is April 30st, 2017. All prices guaranteed. *Price is 199.99 + Tax. $50 Dollar Deposit Required. Deposit is refundable within 30 days of deposit being made. Shipping is not included in the pre-order price*

*For U.S. Customers, If you prefer to be billed in USD, the price is 149.99USD. Please contact me and i will send you a invoice in USD*

Locomotive Specific Features:

  • NEW Flexicoil or AAR Type A sideframes with plain or roller bearings as appropriate
  • NEW Sill- or hood-mounted handrails as appropriate
  • 5-pole, skew-wound, high-torque, high-efficiency can motor
  • Helical gears with 14:1 ratio for smooth, ultra-quiet running
  • LED constant & directional headlights
  • Heavy die cast metal underframe
  • Proto MAX(TM) metal knuckle couplers


Railroad Specific Features:

  • NEW - Plan bearing Flexicoil trucks with cutout frame skirting
  • Brass Leslie S3L air horn
  • Brass firecracker radio antenna
  • Dual lens headlights
  • 930-gallon tank fuel with exposed air cooler coils
  • Drop steps
  • Footboards on pilots

C$199.99 C$50.00