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Special Orders require a minimum of  3% up to $50 deposit upon manufacturers order deadline 

If you would like to deposit higher then the minimum $50

  • Please fill out contact form with your phone number
  • Your Paypal email address OR Provide us a return number and we can take a deposit over the phone
  • What you would like to order
I will send a invoice to your paypal next day.

Pre-Order Deposit policy:
Cancellation after manufacturer's order deadline will incur a 15% restocking fee that will be deducted from deposit refund.  Items on order are to be paid in full before shipping. Items are held up to 45 days after pre-order items arrive. If items aren't paid for in full and 45 days have passed after pre-order items arrive, the items will go back into stock and deposit is forfeited. Cancellation of pre-orders within 30 days of products arrival will result in forfeiture of deposit. Fee will be based on the total order.