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Athearn Genesis Ho Scale SD70M Union Pacific #4014 DCC Ready

Athearn Genesis Ho Scale SD70M Union Pacific #4014 DCC Ready

Union Pacific #4014 was, until recently, just another SD70M. Part of a group of 75 built in 2000, the unit is an example of the earlier production body without flared radiators. On April 28, 2014, Union pacific's other 4014, the Big Boy, was sent on a trip up Cajon pass on its way to restoration in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Selected as the locomotives to pull this special train were SD70M's #4014 (to match the Big Boy's number) and #4884 (the Big Boy's Whyte notation wheel arrangement.) With the 4014 leading, the trip was made to much fanfare, and the unit became an instant celebrity.

  • Represents the unit as it looked pulling the Big Boy
  • SD70M body with rear number boards
  • Freight type brakewheel
  • Late dynamic brake intake grills
  • Standard cab with high headlight
  • Angled cab door without window
  • Can antenna & GPS dome
  • Spare knuckles on rear pilot
  • AEI tags mounted on the jacking pads
  • UP style low plow with no doors
  • Prime air filters
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