Genius Games - Animal Anatomy - Tiger 100 Piece (2 Sided) Floor Puzzle

Genius Games - Animal Anatomy - Tiger 100 Piece (2 Sided) Floor Puzzle

DOUBLE SIDED DESIGN: This Tiger Animal jigsaw puzzle boasts a unique double-sided design. On one side, you'll find stunning artwork of the Bengal Tiger, a fearsome feline that reigns as a solitary hunter across the vast landscapes of the Indian subcontinent. On the other side, you'll discover a scientifically-accurate reconstruction of the animal's anatomy. This dual-sided approach offers both aesthetic appreciation and educational value, making it a versatile learning tool.

SPARKS CURIOSITY AND LEARNING: Beyond being a conventional puzzle, this animal puzzle is a powerful educational tool. It ignites interest and fosters a love for science and nature while developing motor and cognitive skills through hands-on, interactive play. Kids of all ages will be captivated by the chance to learn about animals, turning playtime into a meaningful educational experience. As they piece together, they're connecting with the world's diverse ecosystems and its incredible inhabitants.

SCIENTIFICALLY ACCURATE ILLUSTRATION: The puzzles are designed and drawn by Mesa Schumacher, a Certified Medical Illustrator who studied at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. With over a decade of experience in scientific and medical visualization, Mesa's expertise ensures that the anatomical representations are precise and reliable. Each puzzle piece is a work of art and a valuable educational resource.

COMPREHENSIVE ANATOMY GUIDE: To enrich the learning experience, every puzzle includes poster-sized Anatomy Guides. These guides are not mere supplements but extensive references filled with fascinating fun facts and in-depth anatomical information about the featured animal. They encourage exploration and provide a deeper understanding of the creature's biology.

Finished Puzzle is 42" x 28.5"

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