Ho Scale Tahoe Model Works Buckeye ARA 50-ton trucks

Ho Scale Tahoe Model Works Buckeye ARA 50-ton trucks

This truck was manufactured by the Buckeye Steel Castings Company from the late 1920s until the late 1940s. Conventional trucks, such as this one, complied with American Railway Association standards, and prototype features included a spring plank spanning across both side frames and, in each side frame, four coil springs grouped close together. Field research was conducted at the Niles Canyon Railway at Sunol, California.  

1 pair in package

All our trucks feature one-piece black acetal plastic moldings with separate brake shoe detail, and non-magnetic, insulated metal RP-25 contour wheelsets from InterMountain Railway Co. Trucks are also available with "semi-scale" (.088” wide) wheels .

TMW-106 Buckeye ARA 50-ton trucks , with RP-25 wheel sets 

TMW-206 Buckeye ARA 50-ton trucks , with "semi-scale” wheel sets 

TAHOE MODEL WORKS user sheet for TMW 106/206

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