Rapido HO Scale GE C36-7 Conrail DCC Ready *Reservation*

Rapido HO Scale GE C36-7 Conrail DCC Ready *Reservation*

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*Pre-Order Deadline is TBA. Orders made after which are subjected to availability. Pre Order Price is $243.99 CDN + Tax + Shipping.  No Initial Deposit Necessary. A deposit of $50 will be required upon pre-order deadline. If no deposit is made the order will be cancelled. 

Conrail Specific Features:  

Delivered in 1985

  • Rockwell truck sideframes with high brake cylinders
  • 7-grille hood with extended range dynamic brakes
  • Late rear with raised numberboards and low marker lights
  • Large “silenced” exhaust
  • 4-step walkway 
  • 2-window cab with flag holder
  • Sinclair antenna
  • “Mini Sinclair” antenna for EOT communications
  • Smooth nose
  • Anticlimber
  • Plow
  • Red marker lights*
  • * Lighting features operate when using an ESU decoder with appropriate programming while operating using DCC
  • Front Ditchlights 

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