Rapido HO Scale Super Continental 10-5 Sleeper Conrail OCS #11 *Reservation*

Rapido HO Scale Super Continental 10-5 Sleeper Conrail OCS #11 *Reservation*

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606-104110 Car# 11

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    Track-powered interior lighting with capacitor controlled by our (often imitated, never duplicated) Rapido Lighter

    • Improved design and assembly to prevent warping

    • Tighter connections between the body and the roof

    • Lightweight Coaches and Duplex Sleepers feature new Trane air conditioner details

    • New couplers designed for more reliable operation when pulled or pushed

    • Redesigned, free-rolling trucks

    • All of this is in addition to the incredible underbody detail, multi-color interior, skirts or stairs (as appropriate) and extremely fine painting and decoration, down to the end door car names and numbers!

        C$122.99 C$117.99