Scaletrains Rivet Counter Ho Scale PS-Trinity TTX (Red) Well Car Set *Reservation*

Scaletrains Rivet Counter Ho Scale PS-Trinity TTX (Red) Well Car Set *Reservation*

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SXT32838 Cab# 64041   

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  • Era: 2000s to present
  • Series DTTX 64021-64044
  • Class RWG50A, built 8/12-87, lot 2024A
  • Patched with TTX Pennsylvania Heritage Logo
  • FRA-224 yellow conspicuity striping
  • Fully-assembled
  • Multiple road numbers
  • Articulated 5-unit well car built by Pullman-Standard (P-S), later Trinity (TRN)
  • Capable of carrying 1 x 40’ or 2 x 20’ containers per well, with up to 48’ long container in top position per well (53’ containers possible in top position, staggered in every other well)
  • Diecast bodies for optimum weight and performance
  • Photo-etched stainless-steel see-through walkways
  • Wire grab irons on side and end sills
  • Durable Celcon corner uprights and vertical grabs
  • Detailed floors and well interior sidewalls
  • Separate Inter-Box Connector (IBC) details included for loading in IBC holder boxes on car deck
  • Factory-applied metal grab irons, coupler cut levers, and trainline hoses
  • Durable die-cast metal semi-scale Type E lower shelf couplers
  • Barber S-2 Roller-bearing 70-ton trucks with 33” wheels at ends; Barber S-2 100-ton trucks with 36” wheels at articulation points
  • Accurately profiled and machined .110″ tread metal wheels with accurate contours on the face and back of the wheel; tapered metal axles
  • Rotating bearing caps
  • Intricate multi-piece brake plumbing and rigging
  • Printing and lettering legible even under magnification
  • Weighted to Industry standards for reliable operation
  • Operates on Code 70, 83, and 100 rail
  • Packaging safely stores model and single 40’ or 2 x 20’ container loaded per well (containers not included)
  • Operator series 40’ Containers available separately
  • Minimum radius: 22” (without customer-applied brake details parts installed)
  • Recommended radius: 26” (with included customer-applied brake detail parts installed)

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