Trefl - In the World of Transformers 300 Pc Puzzle

Trefl - In the World of Transformers 300 Pc Puzzle

The puzzle consists of 300 pieces, after arranging which a picture with dimensions of 23.6 Inches x 15.7 In will be created

Trying to arrange a nice evening at home? Jigsaw puzzles are a great way to spend your free time with friends and family, at the same time providing you with a great brain exercise. They also make for a perfect birthday or Christmas gift. Trefl jigsaw puzzles are produced in Poland using natural materials only. The special paper with a flax fiber structure reduces the light reflection and makes them easy to use, giving you even more joy.

The pieces are made of environmentally friendly high-quality materials using paper that reduce the reflection of light
Provides great memory exercise, manual skills and concentration development, and training in patience and perceptivenes

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