Rapido HO Scale CP Angus Shop Caboose CP Rail *Reservation*

Rapido HO Scale CP Angus Shop Caboose CP Rail *Reservation*

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*Pre-Order Deadline is TBA. Orders made after which are subjected to availability. Price is $104.99 CDN + Tax + Shipping.  No Initial Deposit Necessary. A deposit of $10 will be required upon pre-order deadline.  Shipping is not free. Shipping rate will be determined upon products arrival. If no deposit is made the order will be cancelled. If you are a US customer and which to be billed in US funds, please contact me and i can send you invoice in US funds. *

  • Super-detailed underbody including all separate air and brake piping
  • Super-detailed Barber-Bettendorf caboose trucks
  • Full multi-coloured interior with proper floor texture
  • Interior handrails and opening windows in the cupola
  • See-through, etched metal end platforms and steps
  • Full end detail, including uncoupling levers
  • Separate grab irons installed at the factory
  • Improved, full interior lighting with all-wheel pickup and better rolling trucks
  • Operating red marker lights
  • Metal Macdonald-Cartier Knuckle Couplers mounted at correct height

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