Athearn Genesis HO Scale AC4400CW CP Rail Dual Flags DCC Ready *Reservation*

Athearn Genesis HO Scale AC4400CW CP Rail Dual Flags DCC Ready *Reservation*

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ATHG31682 Cab# 9500 (RCMP Musical Ride)

ATHG31683 Cab# 9511

ATHG31684 Cab# 9517

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  • As-delivered appearance

  • Large plow

  • Low mount number boards

  • Walkway mounted ditch lights

  • Early production units

  • Nathan K3 horn

  • Walkway capacitor box

  • CP classed DRF-44

  • “Dual flags” scheme

Canadian Pacific’s fleet of 438 AC4400CWs were the highest-numbered units on the roster. Canadian Pacific had the third-largest group of these machines and used them in all types of service. As of 2022, most have since entered the AC44CWM program and been rebuilt into the 8100-8280 series. #9500 is decorated with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police artwork on the cab sides. “The Musical Ride” is an organization that supports front-line police operations in Canada. For more info, please visit



  • Special RCMP artwork on cab sides


  • Standard decoration


  • Standard decoration


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