Scaletrains Operator (2nd Run) Ho Scale Gunderson Multi-Max Autorack TTX

Scaletrains Operator (2nd Run) Ho Scale Gunderson Multi-Max Autorack TTX

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SXT11281 Car# 695655

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SXT11283 Car# 695663

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  • First time in HO scale
  • Era: 2019 to present
  • Series TTGX unknown, built 10-12

  • Stenciled “BI” for bilevel
  • Car rack numbers and ARR rack clearance data is specific to each car number
  • Late body type
  • Upper side panel mounting with three (3) outside mounting tabs and no strip
  • Lower side panel mounting with four (4) lower recessed tabs and ¾ width strip
  • 14 finely molded corrugated side panels
  • Three (3) main bodies of rack mounting holes in painted side panels
  • Late end doors with “zig-zag” angle panels
  • End sill steps
  • Low mounted side ladders
  • Outside side sill brake cylinder and brake beam mounting brackets
  • Outside side sill brake rod support brackets
  • Separately applied cylinder/slack adjuster assembly, air reservoir, and control valve
  • ASF Low deck swing motion trucks
  • 28” machined metal wheels
  • Paint matches Tru-Color Paint color: roof TCP-354 galvanized steel
  • Detail kit available separately: includes door rods, metal grab irons, coupler cut levers, trainline hoses, and more (SXT81270)
  • Minimum radius: 24”
  • Recommended radius: 26”

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